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Please Note: 

Non-Solicitation of Employees:
Client agrees that without expressed written consent, at all times while Client is employing the services of Amira Maid and for twelve (12) months after contract period terminates, Client will not, directly or indirectly, whether individually or as an officer, director, employee, consultant, partner, stockholder, individual proprietor, joint venturer, investor, lender, consultant or any other capacity whatsoever: solicit, divert hire, retain (including as a consultant) or encourage to leave the employment or contract period of Amira Maid and any employee or contractor of Amira Maid , or hire or retain (including as a consultant) any former employee of Amira Maid who has left the employment or contract period of Amira Maid within twelve (12) months prior to such hiring or retention.
Important Notes:
Personnel supplied by Amira Maid are deemed employees of Amira Maid and will not, for any purpose, be considered employees or agents of the customer.
Amira Maid is an equal opportunity employer. All necessary employment forms will be maintained by our office as required by law.


1.Do you provide service in my area?

2. What types of insurance do you carry ?

3. Do you provide all cleaning equipment?

4. Do I have to be home when you clean?

5. What do you charge?

6. How do I make payment?

7. Do I have to sign a contract

8. What if i'm not happy with your work?

9. Can I cancel a Clean?

10. Can I reshedule a visit?

11. Who is coming to my house?

12. How do you deal with pets?

13. What time will they be arriving?

14. One of my regular visits is on a holiday. What happens in this case?

15. What if they break something?

16. How confidential is the information you have about me?

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