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Amira Maid Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the Dallas Area Since 1998


 All Rooms

•Clean, dust a
nd vacuum.
•Dust window sills & ledges.
•Dust louvered doors & miniblinds.
•Picture frames & knickknacks dusted.
•Baseboards & ceiling fans will be rotated every other clean.


•Cobwebs removed.
•Lamps dusted.
•Dust furniture, woodwork, and shelves.
•Vacuum carpets/clean floors.
•Empty wastebaskets.
•Fresh bed linens will be installed (up to three beds per household).


•Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, table & chairs.
•Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks. 
•Countertops & backsplashes cleaned and sanitized.
•Clean range tops. Top of refrigerator & appliance exteriors cleaned. 
•Clean inside & outside of microwave ovens. 
•Clean floor.




  •Clean, sanitize and deodorize. 
  •Clean, scrub and sanitize showers &  bathtubs.
  •Vanities, sinks & backsplashes cleaned and sanitized. 
   •Clean mirrors. 
  •Clean and sanitize toilets. 
  •Polish chrome. 
  •Clean floors & tile walls.    
  •Empty wastebaskets.                                                   

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